Why hire a public adjuster ?

A  policyholder is required , under their policy , to prove a loss to their carrier. Few people have necessary expertise or experience to meet that burden. A public adjuster has studied insurance policies and been licensed by the State to represent policyholders as their claim advocate. They understand concepts related to current replacement cost provisions, property repair, business income loss, and other elements of the claims process that are critical to obtaining a fair and proper settlement.

What if my contractor offers to handle my insurance claim ?

By Law, contractors-- including roofing and restoration contractors --may not negotiate your claim with your insurance company and may not hire adjusters to handle your claim, Insurance adjusting requires special training and a license from the State where the loss has occurred.

How much do public adjusters charge ?

Responsible public adjusters work on a contingency fee based on a percentage of the outcome of the claim. This fee is generally collected upon the completion of the loss or when payments are made. There are some States where the fee is an hourly rate and must be stated in their contractual agreement. However, you will find in most cases the fees are negotiable and based on the size or complexity of the loss.